Shortly after exiting the womb, Sarah’s greatest passion in life was horses. She bugged her parents enough that they finally bought her a pony for her fifth birthday, hoping that the fixation would pass. But, over the years, the ponies got exchanged for horses. Competing most weekends, Sarah gained provincial colours as well as several broken bones.

Along with a male German Shepherd, the thoroughbred horses were always the only pedigree pets among the rest of the menagerie, which included a rescued cat, chickens, ducks, rabbits, budgies, hamsters and even a white rat that inhabited the two-acre property in Constantia, Cape Town.

Sarah’s mum stopped complaining about the hoof marks in the sprawling lawn when Sarah rescued a baby, hairless squirrel while out riding, and Jasper took to scaling the silk curtains in the lounge as a hobby. Along with two Cape white-eye baby birds that had fallen from the nest, Jasper was hand fed a nutritious horse-food grain through a syringe and successfully reintroduced back into the wild.

Despite spending many hours in the saddle and falling on her head several times, Sarah’s horse riding never took away from her academic career. Somehow, she still managed to achieve an ‘A’ aggregate for her final year at school and win a national award for the best English essay in South Africa. Sarah went on to get a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in financial accounting and economics, and a post-graduate diploma in advertising, specialising in copywriting.

Sarah’s passion for both writing and travel are evident in the fact that she’s managed to make a living as a freelance copywriter for the past twenty years, while spending a significant portion of her salary on travelling the world. For the past eleven years, she’s spent half the year living in Marylebone, London, and the reminder in Cape Town, working remotely for her UK clients.

Sarah’s had the privilege of working for some world-renowned companies (HSBC, Harrods, Unilever) and top agencies (Ogilvy One, Saatchi & Saatchi, Proximity London). More recently, Sarah worked for luxury retail brands Space NK and Burberry. Here, she mastered writing in a not-too-poncy tone of voice for a discerning audience and riding a single-speed bicycle through rush-hour London traffic while wearing tight office attire and high heels.